The “Connected Hearts” association is a non-profit organization based in the Austrian capital, Vienna. The wish of the founding members was to unite everyone who sincerely cares about the fate of families and children affected by world wars.

The members of the association are committed to a peace-loving ideology and have a great understanding of the devastating consequences of global political conflicts. The interest is primarily focused on children and their difficult fate when they are deprived of family, home, warmth, education, joy and happiness.

For the members of the association, it does not matter on which continent, in which country, in which city or in which village the child has lost what he or she needs for a happy childhood. For them, there is no difference between the smile of a little girl from Sierra Leone, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Ukraine or Nagorno-Karabakh – after all, every child’s smile is priceless, unique and sincere. This is the main task of all members – to make every effort to ensure that children around the world are smiling more, happy, healthy and educated. So that they grow up in fully functional families and in prosperity. So that they are not have to go hunger and not being exposed to the dangers of war.